Anal Hook

An anal hook is an exciting tool primarily used in BDSM play. Anal hooks are usually made of metal and have a ball at one end and a loop at the other. The ball is inserted into the anus while the loop can be used to secure ropes, chains, or other BDSM accessories with buckles, such as handcuffs or hog-ties. When the submissive wears an anal hook, you have full control over their positioning. Gently wiggle or pull on the anal hook to create pleasurable stimulation in the anus. Anal hooks have many applications and are an extremely popular sex toy among BDSM practitioners.



Water resistant





Why do people use them?

These sex aids (and interestingly, most other metal sex tools) often appear in BDSM contexts. Anal hooks are often used in conjunction with shibari/bondage and often involve elements of torture and humiliation. When combined with other "humiliating" sex tools such as clamps, whips, and ropes, you can create a really kinky scene! Despite its elements of torture, using an anal hook doesn't have to be painful. Instead, it can be used to provide extra anal stimulation and an additional dose of humiliation while restricting your mobility.


How to use an anal hook.

Before engaging in anal play, there are a few things to consider. Using the restroom beforehand or performing an anal douche reduces the risk of staining. It also helps to relax and enjoy anal stimulation more easily.

The second important point is to always use plenty of lubricants when using an anal hook. Lubrication makes it easier, more comfortable, and safer. An anal hook made of metal can be used with all types of body-safe lubricants. If you use a silicone-based lubricant, you can easily remove it afterward with warm water and soap!

Once inserted, an anal hook can be used in various ways. For example, you can tie a rope to the loop and use it to pull on the hook. This creates exciting and incredibly intense anal stimulation. Think of it as an anal BDSM leash. Kinky!

In bondage, the possibilities are almost endless. You can use anal hooks in intricate and suspended shibari positions in countless combinations. For beginners, there are a variety of simpler and exciting positions you can try. For example, your partner can tie your anal hook to your hair or necklace, pulling your head back and limiting your ability to move. Or if that feels a bit too intense at first, why not attach the hook to your bound forearms!?

Metal anal hooks are also great for temperature play. Heat up your anal hook in warm or cold water for new exciting experiences with your hook!


Is it dangerous to use an anal hook?

An anal hook is not dangerous if used in a safe manner. When you're at your most aroused, it can sometimes be harder to make wise decisions. So let's go through a few points to make your BDSM experiences with your anal hook as safe as possible.

If you're a beginner, use an anal hook with a ball or plug. An anal hook without a top is smaller and may be easier to insert, but it can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

Always have a safe word or gesture so that both of you can easily stop if needed. Don't skip the step of choosing a stop word just because you don't think you'll need it or because it feels silly. Take a second to decide on one. Shouting "Yellow seagull" during sex makes it clear that it's time to stop.

Pain can be enjoyable to some extent but always listen to your body. If something doesn't feel right or if you feel it's becoming too much for you, stop!

Many anal hooks have interchangeable tops in various sizes that you can purchase. Always check if the top of your anal hook can be unscrewed. If the top of your anal hook can be unscrewed, always make sure it is properly screwed on before use.

When practicing bondage, it's important to always have all the necessary tools to quickly release if needed. This includes scissors for cutting ropes and keys if you use padlocks.


Anal hooks can be combined with other sex toys!

Feel free to combine your anal hook with other sex toys to enhance your bondage experience. It's popular to combine ropes and restraint tools. Masks and gag balls with metal rings are also popular. The rule of thumb is that the sex toy should have the ability to be securely fastened together with the anal hook. It's preferable if equipped with metal rings for easy positioning on the submissive partner.

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